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Filipino Economist?


Google is no longer displaying the J Spot on number one position when you query for “filipino economist.”  The Google crawlers must have done their crawling and determined that the keyword is not as relevant as it was when I posted on the topic a few months back.

But guess what’s on number one spot: my Sun.Star Blog Chronicles article on blogging and search-engine-friendliness, which basically talks about my “filipino economist” hits from Google.

I guess this particular post would push me up to the top again in a couple of weeks.

Update: I’ve been receiving quite a lot of queries on profiles of Filipino economists. If you need something for reasearch, you might want to try out the economics departments of universities. The UP School of Economics (my alma mater) would be a good start. Here’s the link: http://www.econ.upd.edu.ph/faculty/faculty.php?gid=0.

Author: J. Angelo Racoma

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  1. i need it know,,thanks..

  2. filipino and foreign economist..

  3. can u help me find 3 foreign economist and also 3 filipino economist plz……

  4. can u help me find 10 foigegn and 10 pilipino economist tagalog only

  5. who are the filipino economist?

  6. diz blog has no use at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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