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So, You Don’t Go Out Anymore?


Shy guyOne drawback of being in an occupation that one can undertake from home (such as problogging and all sorts of other e-businesses), or when you’re telecommuting or in a mobile-working arrangement is that there is a tendency for you to do just that–stay at home all day doing your work there. Yes, you may be more productive this way. Yes, you could be getting things done better than had you been working at an office setting. Yes, there are no office politicking, overbearing bosses, chatty colleagues and all that.

But you don’t get to meet any people. You don’t get to go out and see the world-at-large. And this sometimes sucks.

Being an introvert such as myself, this could be even more troublesome, as one would not get to practice interpersonal skills that are equally important in business as a great idea and good execution. Face it–we may be the best damned programmers, the best effing writers, or the coolest web designers this side of the world, but without the ability to communicate with other people effectively, then we’re just running around in circles. We need to be able to reach out to be able to get where we want to go.

The Salesman

In other words, everyone has to be a salesman–and in our case, we have to sell our ideas, our ideals, our passions, so that other people would also share in what we believe in. And hey, we also get to earn this way.

Well, given that most ideas nowadays can be communicated over textual means–over the Web, email or instant messaging–you might think that actually talking to people is passe. Not really. I’m of the opinion that there’s still no substitute for a handshake. There’s no substitute to the sensual aspects of actually meeting a person face-to-face and seeing, hearing, and feeling (sometimes, perhaps, tasting and smelling even) all aspects of communication.

After all, communication is about 80% body language, 15% execution or tone, and 5% talk. Or something to that effect (I forgot the actual proportions but it’s the same banana).

You can’t transmit body language over the ‘Net. You can try, with webcams, VoIP and all, but this wouldn’t be half as exciting as seeing someone face-to-face.

A Matter of Choice

Boss from hellWhat’s great with not having to work in a regular workplace environment is you don’t have to deal with people. It’s certainly more comfortable when the pressure to fit in is no longer there. This way, if you get to reach out to people, it’s because you want to, and that you choose to. It’s a matter of personal choice.

In a regular workplace setting, you’d have to deal with bitchy cube-mates, rumour-monger next-door neighbors (if you’re fortunate enough to get an office with actual doors, walls and windows), drive-by-management-freak bosses, airheads of all sorts, and all that. You have no choice. It’s either you live with it or be labelled the outcast.

What’s great with not being tethered to a desk or not being bound time-and-space by your job is that you won’t have to deal with Ms. Biatch, Mr. Airhead, nor the boss from hell. You can get to deal with such people, though, if you so choose. But hey, wouldn’t you rather hook up with the cute girl over at the next table at Starbucks (and more especially, her sexy black MacBook)?

Live Life

CateSo don’t just sit there working all day with that smug grin on your face, thinking it’s great being able to avoid people all day.

My advice to you: unmount your donkey, leave your abode and have meaningful intercourse with a fellow human (translation: get off your ass, go out and talk to someone). Or at least go somewhere and get to immerse yourself in the goings-on of real people. Eat out. Take a stroll at the mall, park, or anywhere interesting. Go somewhere and watch people live their lives (Go ogle for all I care)!

This is why I go out and work at WiFi-enabled cafes (everyday while waiting for Pia’s preschool class to finish).

Author: J. Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma is a technology and automotive journalist and blogger. See more of his work at e27. Follow him via Twitter at @jangelo.

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  1. i go out and look around to get some ideas…

  2. “have meaningful intercourse with a fellow human”

    my eye overlooked the “hu” part of human there and I thought you just assessed yourself wrongly as an introvert when you’re supposed to label yourself as a “pervy”. me and my dirty eyes ehehehe…

    kidding aside, Mr. Racoma, do you see yourself doing this problogging gig for the long haul?

  3. @jong, it’s great to get to look around for ideas. That’s why some would advise against quitting your day job if you want to start out pro-blogging. Sometimes you get a lot of ideas from people at work.

    @Alfa, haha. This is one bona fide Man Blogger (which doesn’t actually mean anything for my manhood other than i’m retarded at times). Pervy? Hmm. (You should get to meet me during a full moon. Maybe then you’ll se whatever wild side i have. :) )

    As for problogging in the long haul, I tend to think that the only permanent thing in life is change. I’ll have to refer you to my FG post on problogging (towards the latter parts) for what I have to say about that. I’ll probably give it a couple of years or so, or until I get to move on to bigger things (like winning a seat in the Senate next year). But right now, I’m lovin’ it!

  4. but j, there won’t a senate in the future, what with the political hooplaa around! :P maybe you’ll be a minister, though, hehe.

    great article, man. well, you can roam maginhawa street and talk to any one who crosses your path, just to shake off the rust and practice your PR skills, hehe!

  5. Corsarius, nah! Just kidding. You know I’m not really into politics. Three years in government (and actually up to now as a consultant of sorts) and I’ve apparently become disillusioned. No Senate/Ministry for me, thankyouverymuch.

    Maginhawa street? Hmm. PR? As in PageRank? Isulong SEOPH!

    Buti ka pa nagco-comment dito. (Sniff)

  6. Sabi nga ni Joey Ayala sa isa nyang kanta, “maglakad, maglakad”
    When I was still in Manila, and I can’t write or get things done. I’d go to SM Megamall, not to shop but to walk from building A to building B, from the groundfloors to the top levels. It takes me about 15-20 mins, after that I go back to my dorm oozing with ideas from all the sites and things I saw back in the mall.

  7. Wow, Jhay! You must be an olympic sprinter! 15-20 minutes! :P

    I do that, too. And I use my trusty mobile phone’s notepad to jot down ideas.

  8. k, speaking of going out! Don’t forget our meetup today! Mwahahahaha!

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