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Blog Vacation? Not Really!


I’ve been meaning to post here several times over the past few weeks, but just couldn’t. Why? Well, these are super-busy days. I know I promised to write only stuff of substance here, but instead of waiting for that right moment and writing for hours on end to come up with interesting blog material, I thought I’d rather have more frequent–if short–updates.

So here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

* Been busy driving the car that blogging bought around town.
* Bought a 5.5th generation iPod (the iPod video) and a Belkin TuneFM to stream tunes to the car stereo.
* Been busy writing on my network blogs, as usual.
* Been busy writing stuff.
* Braced myself for another possible power outage due to suppsedly super-storm Reming.
* Attended the 9th Philippine Web Awards, where Pinoy Tech Blog was a finalist. Congrats to Noemi, who won.
* Very briefly attended the Digital Filipino Club EB where I was supposed to speak. Had to rush off to some other place that evening.

The Blog Herald

Big thing the past few days: the Blog Herald acquisition. Abe gives his insights on his blog. And here’s my introduction. Hey, if it’s a blog that’s just been sold for presyong bahay (that means its price could probably buy a house here in Manila–at least that’s how rumors peg it. Hey don’t ask me!), who wouldn’t get excited?

Of course this has implications on my regular blogging activities. It’s quite complicated. Let’s just say I’m refocusing my efforts to writing on a more limited set of blogs rather than many blogs at a time. For one thing, I had to give up Blogging Pro as it was directly in competition with the Herald. I’ll be more actively blogging on my other favorites, Apple Gazette and ForeverGeek, though.

De-Stressing (or is it supposed to be “distressing”?)

Hmm. What else happened? Oh, I tried out the Shiatsu massage at newly-opened Blessings spa along E. Abada street (parallel to Katipunan Avenue here in Quezon City). It’s great, especially since they have a 50% discount from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until end-December. Feels pretty great to de-stress every once in a while, especially if you spend almost most of your waking hours in front of keyboard and screen and behind the wheel. Can I write a review? Probably as soon as my scheule clears up.

So there you have it, folks. Three weeks worth of posts in a few paragraphs. My life’s interesting, ain’t it?

Author: J. Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma is a technology and automotive journalist and blogger. See more of his work at e27. Follow him via Twitter at @jangelo.

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  1. again, congratulations on your new blog herald role! hope you can successfully juggle your time between your Net ‘babies’…don’t forget our Ituloy AngSulong entry, hehe!

    i’m pretty sure your regular readers have been wondering where the heck you’ve been :P

  2. Congrats J! Wow. I feel like I know a celebrity, haha.

  3. Congrats J!

    We all need to de-stress, specially for guys like you…

    …and probably a Christmas BlogCon will become a New Year BlogCon…

    Are the rates os Blessings ok? Is the discount all week long?

    I bought a Taiwan-made FM transmitter for my Astone MP3 player and it works great. Got it for PHP350.00. Looks cheap but it does the job.

  4. Mas malala ako… 4 days na walang tulog… 10PM to 6AM kasi sked ko…

  5. @Corsarius, thanks for the congrats. Of course, I won’t forget our “Ituloy AngSulong”:http://www.go-ogle.com.ph/ituloy-angsulong entry!

    @Mia, same here! :P

    @Jun, rates are ok. Full body (one hour) massage is PhP 350, whether it’s shiatsu, swedish or combination. So at 50% off, it’s PhP 175. I hear they’re selling gift certificates starting tomorrow that would be good for three months. And the rates would also be half price, throughout that period (regardless of time). You can call them up at 433-5880.

    @ ^_^ 4 days? I couldn’t get past two days without sleep. Have you tried sleeping at daytime instead? I hear that’s not the same because of the presence of sunlight, but at least you can get some rest.

  6. Thanks :) You are busy man. Hopefully, it increases earnings.

  7. can ask where you got a 20% discount for the ipods? ty

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