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Thinking Of Turning Off Automatic Twitter Updates


My readers must think I’m a lazy blogger. Most of the time, you would see Twitter updates filling the front page of the J Spot. It’s because of the twitter tools plugin I’ve installed. It allows me to automatically publish tweets anywhere on the site (currently at the bottom bar, for instance), and publish daily summaries of tweets.

But the lazy blogger I am, I usually just get to update the site with _real_ blog posts every other day or so. The rest of the time, it’s just the twitter updates. This made me think. If I keep the twitter updates, I benefit from the added keywords I post via Twitter. The updates also make for substitutes to blog posts, since I wrote them, anyway, and a collection of tweets are actually micro-blog entries.

But then again, I’m in doubt whether the tweets I post make for good substitutes to actual blog posts.

So an alternative I’m thinking of now is reviving my personal blog, the J Spotter (which has gone offline for some reason) just for the purpose of hosting my daily twitter summaries. I would then retain the current updates on the footer of this blog.

What do you think?

Author: J. Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma is a technology and automotive journalist and blogger. See more of his work at e27. Follow him via Twitter at @jangelo.

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  1. Please do – I find Twitter insanely annoying. Set it up as another feed or something :)

    Do I care about your opinion? Yes
    Do I care about what you are doing at 4:50 pm? No (and even when I was your boss ;))

  2. I tried that feature yesterday, and since I’m not that active in using Tweeter, the one pilot post really annoyed me. So I disabled that feature and stuck to the sidebar updates instead.

  3. I miss the old J Spot where I can read your posts regarding new tech or opinions on the latest issues. I would suggest that you put up another blog for the Twitter posts.

  4. As a feed reader, the Twitter updates really flooded my subscription. :( I would agree with Taorist — putting up another blog might do the trick.

  5. I turned it off right when Ahmed first posted his comment! The regular updates at the footer will remain, though.

    Back to quality programming …

  6. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. Good thing you turned it off.

  7. Greg, maybe it’s good I caught people’s attention, then? :)

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