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It’s been a busy week again for me, folks. Between managing a blog network, to coming up with content, to coordinating with people, I don’t know if 24 hours in a day are enough (there’s still my personal life to manage)!

So here are links to a few good reads.

* Make mine to go – This is an article I wrote on Forever Geek a year back. I was on a roll, with columns almost every day. Of course, that was also during the time I had this thing called blogging burnout.
* More recently, I asked on the Blog Herald whether I could trust my memories to web apps. I’m quite a fan of Flickr, but I’m wondering whether online and even digital archival are lasting. In a way, I think printed photos still rule.
* I’m also a Twitter fan, but I’ve been wondering if SEOs will soon be taking advantage of the linking powers of Twitter and other microblogging services.
* Here’s a thought on community blogging, over at our new blog Froodee.

Author: J. Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma is a technology and automotive journalist and blogger. See more of his work at e27. Follow him via Twitter at @jangelo.

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  1. Personally, I have all my photos on Flickr, a yahoo address, a hotmail address, hard drive, and the ones I adore are always printed…

    Can’t be too careful, maybe tomorrow the internet will cease to exist… :)

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