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Safari 3 beta is here. And it runs on Windows!


Safari has been my preferred browser of late. One of my only gripes is that it’s not like open source Firefox or Camino, which usually have updates every few weeks or so. Still, Safari seems to be a fast, solid, no-frills browser.

One thing I like about it is that its rendering engine seems to catch mis-coded XHTML quite nicely–meaning, it displays badly coded stuff badly! Another one is the clean RSS view I just access a site using feed:// (url here) and I get a no-frills content-only view of that blog or site (now some would argue against this, but I prefer this when I want to quickly check sites for updates).

Just recently, Apple announced that the public beta of Safari 3 is now available for download. And what do you know–it now runs on Windows!

It’s still on beta, though and I know there are a lot of bugs to be found (and fixed!). I even spot a few UI inconsistencies here and there (like saying OPTION-something as a shortcut, even though Windows keyboards don’t have an OPT key). But I’m pretty optimistic about it, though.

I’ve installed it on my Windows machine, and I can say Safari is pretty spiffy. It’s like software from a different world installed on a Windows-powered computer (much like how Windows users might initially find iTunes). I’ll be installing the beta on my Mac in a while. Hopefully that will resolve some small gripes I have with Safari 2.xx (like the inability to run Google Docs).

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  1. you have to show me how to be at home with wordpress using safari in my SexyMac :)

  2. Um, I just downloaded Safari on Windows and… I have several gripes with it. I can hardly read anything on it. (Lots of gibberish and blanks, even on the menus. “File” becomes “Hkng”.)

    I’m wondering if I should write about it on Gadzooki.

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  4. Hmm…I’m not having any problems with Safari since I installed it today. Everything seems to be working well.

    I really welcome the refreshed, polished looked it gives to the pages I visit.

  5. I am actually installing Safari on my PC right now as I type this.

  6. off topic: belated happy bday. saw ur mom’s post eh. =)

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  9. Whoa! You can arrange the tabs now! And there’s window-closing confirmation (if more than one tab).

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  12. I actually had a screenshot of it running on my system but since I transfered to another host I wasn’t able to upload it yet.

    Anyways, suprisingly for me Safari uses lesser memory than firefox but not against opera or IE. Secondly even though I have a good system I find it slow. The web page loading on the other hand was better than firefox, a bit. If you look at apple site it says it beats IE and Safari when it comes to web page loading.

    one thing i found out though is the preference window is same as firefox..

  13. *i meant it beats firefox when it comes to web page loading.

    One reason I think why Apple decided to have a windows version of safari is to be able to make the windows users to use their iPhone.

    and belated b-day to you sir j.

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