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Is Globe’s Supersurf unlimited Internet promo really “unlimited”?


The ads are everywhere about the Supersurf50 promo of Globe. My friends always tell me that they are registered to the “1-day unlimited internet mobile browsing” as offered by Globe’s Supersurf50, so I climbed on the bandwagon.

The registration for Supersurf50 was fast. In the confirmation text, it said

Enjoy unlimited internet surfing for 1 day

But after a few hours of making the most out of the 50 pesos I paid for the service, I received a text message from Globe:

Globe Advisory: Your account has reached 1GB in usage today. Subject to Globe Fair Use Policy, your internet service has been temporarily deactivated and will resume tomorrow. This promo is intended for moderate use. For heavy browsing, please upgrade to our Tattoo Postpaid plans. Thank you.

I managed to go look up for the said “Globe Fair Use Policy”, and I ended up reading Globe’s Fair Use Policy.

The intention of the policy seems to be reasonable; however, the content of Globe’s Fair Use Policy obviously lacks clarity and specifications. I asked my friends who use Globe’s Supersurf50 and I was no longer surprised with their frustrations about the misleading “unlimited” services of Globe.

Have you experienced the same with regards to the usage of the limited “unlimited” services of Globe?

If there are “limits” to the service, why call it an “unlimited” service in the first place? Isn’t this a plain and dirty way of fooling and tricking Globe users?

Ask yourself again: Is Globe’s Supersurf unlimited Internet promo really unlimited?

Author: Jonell Estillore

Jonell Estillore is a guest blogger for racoma.com.ph. See more of his posts at neutraluniverse.wordpress.com.

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  1. Thanks for bringing light to this issue, Jonell. I use Globe’s 24-hour supersurf myself, but I haven’t experienced this bandwidth cap message. Maybe it’s because I often use it just for mobile applications. But I’m trying out a Huawei E5 mobile WiFi router, and I plan to stress test it sometime this week.

    If there’s a bandwidth cap, then it’s unfair, indeed, for users who spend the P50 for a day, if their account gets suspended. Maybe Globe should be more clear in their marketing materials or in their confirmation message. I, for one, would be glad to pay a little more money for additional bandwidth, if necessary. I just don’t like being cut off all of a sudden.

    • 50 pesos is already a big deal for me. What more if I will suddenly be cut off and receive this lame message saying I violated their policy.

      For crying out loud, why not they be more specific with their policy whatnots.

  2. so the cap is not same accross all users? because mine was cut-off at 800mb which really frustrates me. i did not experience this one maybe a month ago. Just yesterday it started ti have this cap.. GLOBE TELECOM, be transparent to your subscribers please..this is the reason why most people prefer other provider, i myself prefer SMART unlisurf after this experience…

    • I believe there is also a bandwidth cap for the so-called “unlimited” mobile surfing service of Smart. Have you experienced any limitations for the “unlimited” surfing of Smart?

  3. it is a misnomer!!!! a commercial trap and promotional lie. unlimited is unlimited. it should stand by what it says to the public as it is. i also experienced this heck. globe tricks people into believing that through its commercial, anyone availing of the promo will have unlimited internet access. butwhat you get is 800 mb limit to your browsing. when exceeded, well, better luck the next day. so you will have to wait until the next day to continue using the darn unlimited bulllshit promotional lie. misleading!!!

    there has to be an action against this “misleading the public” scheme just as to get consumer into. well DTI should know about this…

  4. I also experienced the same problem.. i have loaded 220 good for 5days and on the next day i received that kind of message about “your internet usage has reached 800mb” and i can only fuckin continue my browsing tomorrow!! this is not right! they should have warned all globe users about this matter. Well, of course they don’t.. coz they can’t get more Globe subscribers! this is what you call monkey business! GLOBE SUCKs!

  5. Its so damn frustrating… At first i was satisfied with the service but after watching a couple of videos i rcvd the msg… Grr.

  6. Yes indeed. Not only with this unlimited internet, so with their other unlimited plans. And if your planning to call Globe’s customer service, never mind. You’ll be wasting your time. I have A LOT of issues raised to globe and they tell me the same spiel to wait for blah blah blah and until now issues still remains.

  7. PATHETIC – claiming to be Unlimited, yet up to 800mb DL only (what kind of unlimited is that)… Tss.

  8. I hate globe so much, they always define hidden agenda. Globe telecom s*ck! f*ck globe.

    - From netwiz community.

  9. I use tattoo… I am fooled… Because i live here in the heart of the city… But the 3g signal is not perfoming will. Very slow… Im not satisfied…

  10. I also have experiene this shit! The promotional advertisement of GLOBE is truly a scam… They should have just said, Supersurf internet surfing up to 800 MB… This is a clear misleading, scam advertisement son of a gun! … Globe, you better watch out as more and more users are experiencing this scam thatyou have up your sleeves. I have been loyal with GLOBE ever since. But since this happened, I will also cancel my line with you guys. So you better kiss your customers goodbye…

  11. Bwisit to talGa ang globe this is not Unlimited… Mas magand pa ang sun its Unlimited with sameprice same speed… Sana ma wasak na ang globe… Bwisit talaga…

  12. GLOBE S*CKS! unlimited sh*t!

  13. Very unstable phone reception lagi ang Globe specially sa Fort/McKinley area. Globe to Globe calls na yun, ha. Tapos laging may palima-limampisong bawas sa load and I’m not even using it! Even their BIS sucks. Kung hindi mabagal, mawawalan din ng signal.: (

  14. Very unstable phone reception lagi ang Globe specially sa Fort/McKinley area. Globe to Globe calls na yun, ha. Lagi pang may bawas sa load! Even their BIS sucks. Kung hindi mabagal, mawawalan din ng signal.: ( When you talk to their CSRs, wala namang matinong reason/solution na maibigay.

  15. Globe really sucks! Unlimited net 24hours if you are browsing a plain page in the web! It should be 800mb browsing promo for 50pesos not unlimited browsing for 50pesos! Nw im using my phone as a modem to use smart sim… Same price but 24hours unlimited, …

  16. Well, globe’s supersurf50 is really limited to 800mb bandwidth and will send you a notification once you reached that. Try to reconnect after a few hours and you might get your supersuck50 up and running again, i’m not quite sure if it’s still limited to 800mb bandwidth cap though. I only hope it refreshes the second time around.

  17. Ilang oras ba ung 1 day nyo sa globe? … Dapat 24 hours… Bakit ilang oras lang magamit ang unlimited na tinatawag nyo? ayosin nyo nga yan… Wala ba kayong dictionary dyan… Para malaman nyo kung ano kahulugan ng “UNLIMITED

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