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Globe Super Combo 20 offers 1-day unlimited texting plus 50 minutes voice call


As always, the holiday season entails heavy traffic of text messages and voice calls as far as telecommunication services are concerned.

If you are a Globe subscriber, you know very well how hard it is to register to the unlimited texting services offered such as:

  • UnliTxt20 (valid for one day),
  • UnliTxt40 (valid for two days),
  • and UnliTxt80 (valid for five days)

especially during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The UnliTxt20 is the most popular unlimited texting service offered by Globe because it is cheap (you can avail of it for just 20 pesos) and consumable for 24 hours.

But what if you learn of a better unlimited texting service from Globe for the same amount this time of the year when there is a great need to catch up with family and friends through texts and calls?

Globe’s Super Combo 20 offers 24 hours (1 day) of unlimited texting services plus 50 minutes worth of voice calls which can be divided into different calls.

To register to Globe’s Super Combo 20, just text Combo20 to 8888.

1 peso maintaining balance is required.

Isn’t it interesting to know that you can get Globe’s Super Combo 20 for 20 pesos with 50 minutes worth of voice calls versus the UnliTxt20 without the free voice calls?

Globe’s Super Combo 20 is apparently a better choice.

The holiday season is still heated up so why settle for anything less?

Author: Jonell Estillore

Jonell Estillore is a guest blogger for racoma.com.ph. See more of his posts at neutraluniverse.wordpress.com.

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  1. nakakabadtrip naman!! hindi ako makaregister sa combo20, lage na lang hindi maka processed.. sana maayos kagad ang problemang ito..

  2. How to use the 50 minutes call? is there any prefix needed before dialing? or just dial the number? thanks.

  3. Hello anybody here new how to use the 50 minutes call. Thanks for the combo.

  4. Kainis na COmbo globe nayan… Nkaregister ako sa combo20 tapos bigla nwala call… Bwisit… Eh naka register nmn ako.

  5. Just dial the number.

  6. How to use super combo 20? di ko magamit ung 5o mins call how to use it? thanks.

  7. Bkit d nio ibalik un IMMORTALTXT?

  8. Dati maganda gamitin yong superunli25, pero now isang tawag na lang di na ulit makatwag text na lang. Pero love ko pa rin ang Globe: )

  9. Ayaw mag super 150. Sayang load ko. Cant globe do anythng about their service? Kasi palgi nalang ganito…

  10. All of their combos are absolutely hard to registered… Even the SUPER150… Im tired of their unli-poor service.

  11. Paano magunsubscribe ng supercombo2o?

  12. HMM di lang kayo marunong mag register thats why di kau makapasok… Kau may problema di ang globe…

  13. How to use the free call in combo 20? may *+ pa po ba yun?

  14. Paano istop yung registration sa combo 20 ng globe? help me please.

  15. Trying to subscribe to all globe unli promo for 5 hours now but still (SORRY YOUR SUPERUNLI REGISTRATION CAN’ BE PROCESS AT THIS TIME… ) and then… Globe prompted me that i have exceeded my request and try again tomorrow… THIS IS ALL CRAP! THIS IS MY 4TH DAY HAVING THIS KIND OF PROBLEM!

  16. Bkt d aq mktwag? nkreg. Naman aq. G0sh!

  17. Just dial the number… Mas madali magregister kapag morning.

  18. Kakainis nang mag unli… Mag smart nlang ako Promise tlga… Late message pa pag gabi .
    Tsk. Tsk tsk.

  19. Kakainis nang mag unli… Mag smart nlang ako Promise tlga… Late message pa pag gabi .
    Tsk. Tsk tsk.

  20. Bkit di ako mkaregister: ( amf.

  21. Ang hirap mag register sa super25!

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